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Foot Count Telemetry

Datasat's people counting hardware and software solutions provide real-time access to the most reliable and accurate shopper traffic data available. Monitored metrics within your shopper foot fall include dwell times, visit frequency, movements as well as per store foot fall volumes. Detailed reporting and comparative analytics is accessible via our management portal. Our solutions are scalable to meet the needs of any retail location, whether you are an individual site or need to manage locations globally from a single access point.

Location Analytics

While our hardware provides unparalleled accuracy, it is our software that transforms the high volume of data into meaningful information. Having a bouquet of powerful business intelligence tools at your fingertips improves overall operational proficiency and focuses on your business critical elements.

Analytics include: Shopper Location & Transactional, Parking, Media, Assets, Security, Tenant Utilities & Leasing.

Management Portal

Our cloud portal brings the various modules together under one roof, providing a single user friendly point of access and a high level of integration and scalability. Layered permission levels and reporting ensures that access is secure and can be structured to accommodate all relevant stakeholders.

Enjoy the vastly improved overall view of your operations by having all of your management and reporting tools accessible and integrated under one roof.

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